Guest blog from Bryan Hindle, Managing Director at Brick-Tie Preservation 20 October saw the re-launch of the UKCMB at UCL in London. It was a resounding success with a large attendance from across the UK and beyond. Beforehand there were six separate technical working group sessions at nearby Central House, where experts met to plan a […]


This blog was originally posted on the ech2o blog. The way moisture moves in buildings is seen as quite obscure. Yet we often experience the effects of water in walls. Since I graduated, I have been working as a researcher in moisture and mould in buildings. Every time I explain to somebody what I do for a […]

If you don’t have any mould problems in your property, then count yourself lucky. It is an annoyingly pernicious problem, especially in this country. Even professionals or researchers who work in this field (including myself) are not immune from those little nasty smudges that glower down on you while you’re showering (if it is going […]